Andraya Fetzer


Certified Personal Trainer

Andraya has been an athlete all her life, as a gymnast, ballet dancer and volleyball player through college. However, her true passion for fitness was born from a personal battle with depression and her struggle to overcome weight gain 10 years ago. She found healing, strength and new life through therapy in the form of fitness and health. It was this struggle that made Andraya want to help others and thus, she became a Personal Trainer. Andraya is a well-rounded part of the team, and is a
triple threat! She is an NASM Level 4 Certified Personal Trainer, a National Level Figure Competitor, and she is a Mom! Andraya’s main passion, outside of her daughter and training
her clients, is competing with the National Physique Committee (NPC). This gives her the opportunity to truly push her own limits and reach new goals. However, as a Mom, she knows
how to balance life to make health and fitness a priority, and still have fun doing it! She has a great love for the sun, sand, and beach! She loves to be outside! Playing volleyball, swimming,
skiing, hiking, going to the zoo and playing at the park are only a few of her favorite activities. She additionally loves art, specifically painting, glass fusing and mosaics. With degrees in both Psychology and Law, in 2010, Andraya made the career switch to Personal Training! Andraya is
certified as a Level 4 Personal Trainer with NASM and her Fitness Certifications include Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, Pre- and Post-Natal Certification, Bodybuilding Qualification, TRX Qualification.
She specializes in corrective exercise, fitness nutrition and weight loss; focusing on strength training, weightlifting, high intensity interval training, balance, stability, core and flexibility. Whether she is working with TRX or Kettlebells, she will give you an original and exciting workout you won’t soon forget! Andraya loves what she does and it shows!