Bhavana Mody


Yoga instructor

Bhavana Mody took up a regular yoga practice in 200, as a way to exercise and connect with her Indian roots. The depth and the artistry of each yoga pose immediately resonated with her and inspired er to do more yoga as a way to ground and express herself. What Bhavana loves about yoga is that it is a slow, quiet, and self-reflective form of exercise that encourages time to breathe, stretch, and look inward. 

In 2005, Bhavana decided to further her yoga studies and received her 200 hour certification from Greenpah Ashtanga Yoga based in San Francisco. Since then, she has studied, practiced, and taught various styles and combinations of yoga. Bhavana recently completed her 500 hour certification and is currently getting trained to become a certified yoga therapist through the Niroga Institute in Oakland. 

Bhavana works to ensure that her classes are accessible and welcoming for people of all backgrounds. Her yoga therapy training is helping her learn to better support students who might be experiencing chronic conditions.