Brenna Morman


Food Scientist & cErtified Personal Trainer

Over a decade in competitive club soccer and rock climbing were the start of Brenna's fitness and health journey. After two ACL reconstruction surgeries, she cycled when other forms of exercise were not a comfortable option and now has a passion for that. 

She holds a Bachelors degree in clinical nutrition and a Master's in food science/nutrition alongside her ACE personal training certificate. She brings four years of professional experience working in the food/nutrition industry as a Food Scientist to both her personal training and HealthQuest's Lift Bar. 

Nowadays, she cultivates her love for fitness through personal training (and living room workouts while her toddler naps). She enjoys being active in a variety of ways and settings: in the gym, in bootcamp classes, hiking, or playing disc golf with her family. She has an empathetic understanding of limitations, having overcome multiple knee surgeries, but brings positivity and inspiration through her ability to innovate new exercises and find interesting, functional ways to get back on  your feet. Beyond exercise and being Lift Bar's staff Food Scientist, Brenna can be found completing DIY projects around her house, sewing, baking, or gardening. Say hello next time you see her at the Lift Bar and ask about the nutritional information of our Lift Bar menu items.