brittany carducci


certified personal trainer/

fitness instructor

There isn't a time Brittany can remember not being in a gym. From the time she was born, she been around athletics and would say that it's quite literally, in her blood.  Her Dad was a P.E. teacher and coach, so she grew up around every sport and from a very early age it became apparent that she herself possessed a lot of natural athletic ability. Growing up in a small town in the Sierra Nevadas, she spent much of her time outside, mountain biking, skiing, swimming in local rivers, climbing trees, hiking and yes, even chopping and stacking wood. During her high school years, she played Varsity Basketball starting her freshman year and also played Volleyball and ran track and field.  After high school, she went on to play Basketball as a walk on for Point Loma Nazerene University in San Diego, where she graduated in 2004.

Post college, she traveled extensively, finally landing in Walnut Creek. She began to dabble in long distance running(half marathons and one full marathon), Hot Yoga, Crossfit and even started to play in a competitive co-ed basketball league.  During those years, here passion and fire for fitness only grew stronger. She was exposed to new components of fitness and discovered indoor cycling (around 2006) and the group fitness world as a whole. Sitting in classes she would think "I could do this. I can motivate people through the medium of exercise" and she began to divise a plan of how to make her vision a reality. In 2008 she started to study for her ACE personal training test, knowing she had to start somewhere. In the years to follow, she continued to work a "9-5" job, awaiting the opportunity to make training and teaching a full time job. 

Fast-forward to 2012, when she she met her now husband, who pushed and encouraged her to use her passions, talents and credentials and dive into a career as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. After a whirlwind romance, they married in late 2012 and she was afforded the opportunity to start working at HealthQuest as a personal trainer and eventually, group fitness instructor.  In the years to follow meeting her husband and moving to Napa, she has also obtained her NASM personal training certification, SHWIN cycling certification, kettlebell certification, Yoga for athletes certification, kickboxing certification and TRX qualification.

Brittany has a knack for motivating, coaching and bringing immense passion to every class she teaches and every client she trains. Her specialty in regards to personal training is functional fitness, but she has clients ranging from every walk of life and loves the challenge of finding the right "fit" for each client. She also loves the personal aspect of her job and the hundreds of people she has met through working in the fitness world, many of those people she now considers good friends.  

In addition to her job as a trainer and instructor, she and her husband Mark have 3 boys, Dominic, Hudson and Uriah.  When she's not sweating, or making other people sweat, she's spending time with their family and raising their boys, which she considers her greatest privilege and adventure.