cari lyn conley


yoga instructor

As a lifelong student of personal freedom and altruism it’s no wonder that Cari Lyn Conley has been practicing and studying the principles of yoga for over 25 years. In that time she has explored many different styles of yoga and mindfulness exercises. 

Cari earned her 200RYT certificate from Yoga Community in Sonoma California in 2017 where she trained in the Raja Yoga Tradition. She thanks her teachers Lisa Murray & Barbra Brady, and their teachers before them; back to Swami Rama and the roots of the lineage in the Himalayan Yoga Traditions. 

Cari leads her students in a balanced sequence of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation encouraging them to free(clear) their mind, body and spirit. Her intention is to enhance her interactions with others by cultivating a path with them that enriches their lives with the gifts of yoga. She never wavers when sharing with others, that yoga is not about how stretchy you are, but rather, it is about using our time on the mat to create more love for ourselves and all beings. When we free our minds, the magic can happen.