Dean Seago


certified master Trainer

Dean has been an athlete most of his life, as a child he participated in various martial arts, played football, and other team sports. He likes to continually challenge himself and push himself to be his best. In 2013 he had a bad motorcycle accident which left him unable to walk for several weeks and helped to put things into perspective for him regarding the importance of maintaining personal health and fitness. Currently Dean is going to school for business and has been working at Healthquest since 2012.

Dean holds three certifications from the IFPA (International Fitness Professionals Association) - Certified Personal Trainer (Dean is one of HealthQuest’s ‘Master Trainers’), Strength and Sports Conditioning Specialist and Strength Band Training Specialist. 

He specializes in performance and is a competitive Power-Lifter and Bodybuilder. Dean has completed several half marathons, Spartan Races and has participated in many other physical endeavors. Dean loves to challenge himself and brings this desire to excel to all of his personal training clients.