Patrick Schmitz


Front Desk Manager/Personal trainer

Patrick has been a part of the HealthQuest family since 2011 when he started working at the front counter. Today he is the manager of the Front Desk staff. Outside of HealthQuest, he is an assistant men’s basketball coach at College of Marin. His enthusiastic, encouraging, and positive attitude serve him extremely well in a coaching setting. Patrick creates a comfortable environment to learn by providing support and patience to individuals of all fitness levels. Outside of work, Patrick enjoys going on runs, playing basketball, listening to podcasts, and playing guitar.

While at Sonoma State University, Patrick earned a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science. He has always been fascinated by the positive impact exercise has on long term health and fitness.

Patrick hopes to continue coaching basketball at the college level with the ultimate goal of coaching at a Division I program. He is excited to help future clients achieve their personal goals, big or small. Patrick believes exercise should be something fun that you enjoy to sustain life long health and fitness. Feel free to chat with him anytime he’s behind the front counter!