Can anyone be a member?

HealthQuest offers full memberships to anyone 12 years of age and older. Senior and Corporate accounts are provided with special rates. Please inquire for current rate sheets as discounts are not retroactive. HealthQuest is an adult environment and although we do allow minors, all members under the age of 18 must read and sign our “minor Agreement”. Our member age begins at 12, however some exceptions may be made for children nearing this age and special rules apply.

How do I cancel or put my membership on hold?

HealthQuest has no long term agreements. You can cancel your membership at any time with a 30-day written notice. We also have three types of membership freezes available at HealthQuest. All require written notice presented to the HealthQuest office and must be in whole month increments.

  • Personal Freeze: Members are allowed to freeze their membership for up to 3 whole Calendar months in any 12 month period. There is a $10 per month charge for any freeze. The freeze will take effect upon receipt of written notice.

  • Medical Freeze: There is no charge for a medical freeze when the request is accompanied by a physician letter. Medical freeze may be up to 30 days retroactive and are held for 6 months from the start date. This date may be extended beyond 6 months with an updated physician letter. Failure to update may result in a reinstatement fee.
  • Family Member Freeze: Additional family members are allowed to place their account on hold for no fee as long as one family member remains active. Any changes in monthly dues will reflect on the following month’s billing cycle. Family member freeze not activated within one year will become a terminated member and will need to pay a reinstatement fee

Can I come in as a guest?

The HealthQuest guest fee is $21 per visit. Guests must be 12 years of age to enter the club. Any guests under the age of 18 must have HealthQuest waiver signed by parent or guardian each visit. We also have several other guest options. Please check our Guest Page (provide link).

Are there locker room facilities?

HealthQuest has locker room facilities for Men and Women. Each locker room has showers, day use lockers, available towels, a dry sauna, steam room and hot tub. Additionally, we have showers, a toilet, changing rooms and a coed hot tub by the swimming pools. Children under 18 may not use the coed hot tub.

Why is there a dress code?

HealthQuest strives to create an inclusive workout environment where all of our members can feel comfortable and welcome. Members and guests are required to wear exercise clothing that is neat, clean, and reasonably modest. One of our primary goals with this code is to eliminate clothing that might be considered offensive, suggestive, or overly revealing. Because our members vary widely by age and cultural background, so too do opinions on what is considered modest. Clothing that might be just fine for working out at home or with a group of people you know may be less suitable in an environment with more people and mixed ages and genders. These guidelines are designed to be as liberal as possible while still maintaining an acceptable degree of decorum. Our dress code was designed so that it can be applied to equally to everyone who used the Club. While we recognize that there are traditionally some slight differences between what men and women wear when they work out, we live in a time where genders are no longer confined to two distinct and easily separated roles. Our policy is gender-neutral so that it can be enforced without bias or discrimination.

Dress Code

  • Shirts or full tank tops required.
  • Closed shoes are STRONGLY suggested for all areas where weights are used.
  • Walking barefoot around the facility is prohibited. Members take full responsibility for any and all implications from bare, improper or dangerous foot wear choices.
  • No clothing with rivets, zippers or buttons on the weight room equipment.
  • No profane, vulgar or offensive language printed
  • No bare abdomen, chests or buttocks.
  • No ripped or torn clothing exposing any of the above areas.

What if I only use one area of the facility and it is inaccessible to me for a period of time?

All memberships at HealthQuest include full club use. There are no discounted or limited memberships available. All equipment and areas experience normal wear and tear. HealthQuest will make every effort to repair broken equipment as quickly as possible. No discounts or reduction in fees will be given for broken equipment or loss of use in one area of the club.