Group Classes

HealthQuest's group fitness program is nearly 30 years strong.  The quality instruction is second to none in the valley. This unique program boasts designed formats that guarantee safe, fun and effective workouts. every member on this dynamic team holds a nationally recognized fitness certification and many have higher education in physical sciences and/or specialty certifications. come join the fun, feel the energy and get fit with us!


The Power studio is our largest studio.  Equipped with mirrors, barres, yoga silk hammocks and a plethora of tools this room hosts our DANCE style classes, including  EXTREME BARRE, CORE FUSION, PUMP, Senior programming and much more!  See the ever changing schedule for all the options in this gorgeous studio.


Our beautiful Energy Studio is dedicated to a full Yoga program and also houses our stretch and flexibility training classes.   ALL LEVELS of yoga, RESTORATIVE yoga, YIN yoga, GENTLE yoga, yoga FLOW, POWER yoga and Yoga Training Workshops take place in this ethereal space.


Home of HQ Spin, our amazing Cycle studio has STAGES top of the line indoor cycles. Each bike carries a STAGES Power Meter with the ability to count calories, watts, RPM, distance and time.  These bikes have blue tooth capability connecting with a web-based data analysis tool, with big screen display.  The participants can monitor work load by watching gauges on the big screen, the power meter and the STAGES Flight APP on their personal devices.  SPIN & SPORT, SPIN & CORE, and our YAS, which is Spin followed by Yoga are also popular styles often on this room’s schedule.



Get down and dirty in our hard core Sport Studio.  This studio duals as a half basketball court and has heavy bags, speed bags, TRX, and RIP trainer bars.   All of our HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes are held in this room.  Try CARDIO CONDITIONING, INSANE CORE, NO LIMITS, TRX CIRCUIT or COMBAT, where we utilize the paddles and bags.  

Class Descriptions


30 Minute Spin moves right into powerful core moves and a full body stretch never leaving the Cycle Studio!


30 Minute Spin followed by 30 minutes strength workout in the Power Studio!

SPIN & SPORT 30/30

30 Minute Spin followed by 30 minute Conditioning—Every day is different! Be ready to MOVE! 


Stages Flight is a web-based data analysis tool, with big screen display that can integrate with mobile devices. Its functions include dynamic FTP testing allowing participants to understand their true power, custom intensity rides, GPS rides, and even some fun competition options. We also have the ability to offer video rides, movie nights and so much more!


Pump up to these early morning drills, circuits and high intensity intervals that force every muscle in your body to WAKE UP STRONG! 


Heart Pumping Circuit utilizing TRX suspension trainers. Get your strength and intervals in a blast class!


Spin to the big screen.  Music videos, sport videos and more!

wod wednesday

Plain and simple, a set of modalities that your coach will use to put you through the ringer on any given Wednesday!


Training for the mind, body and soul. Yoga classes develop mind-body connection, empathetic awareness and energy management while training the will and slowly sculpting the body. Yoga can build strength, develop balance, & increase flexibility in the body while fostering a focused, calm awareness in the mind. All classes 75 minutes unless noted in description.

yoga for everybody

All Levels/Mixed Levels class - Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and movement for every BODY.

restorative yoga

A sequence of nurturing physical poses using cushions and props; held for five to ten minutes these poses give the body the opportunity to relax & release tension and the mind to ease into a meditative state.

gentle yoga

A class designed for people who want a slower pace and the extra support of props for added stability and balance. It is suitable for all levels as well as those with specific conditions or injuries.

easy hour yoga

1 hour Gentle yoga class. (60min)

yin yoga

A slow moving practice with poses held in a passive way for 3-5 minutes. This class will access the deep layers of fascia and connective tissue - particularly in the knees, hips and spine - and offers benefits of increasing mobility and comfort in the joints.


Kundalini yoga & Pranayama fusion. Vigorous breath work and rapid movement raise energy in the body while the practice of Somatic Pranayama(breath) rebalances the atmosphere in the blood and deeply relaxes and stabilizes the mind.

recovery day yoga

Slow, deep stretching (YIN style) and self-massage of the legs, hips and feet (with Therapy balls and foam rollers) are the focus of this short and effective practice. (45min)

invigorating yoga

Flowing movement (Vinyasa) is synchronized to the breath with poses that link together like a dance. (60min)

strengthening yoga

Strength building yoga for the practitioner with some experience who wants to work on more advanced poses that maximize muscular vitality, facilitate freedom of flexibility and build better balance.

AB work

A 15 Minute abdominal workout first thing in the morning! A great way to warm–up and get your day jump-started.

adult swim

A coached swim workout for swimmers of all ages and levels. Just show up at the lap pool, let the coach know your level, and swim for fitness.


One hour water exercise program in the fitness pool.


High intensity martial arts workout. Focus on speed, form and energy! Bring your gloves!


A core training class fused with exercises from Pilates, Yoga, back strengthening, abdominal work, balance, and stretch.

strength & flex

Designed to teach the how and why of trunk stabilization, extremity strength and flexibility training using the balls and mats.


A high paced barre based workout incorporating ballet barre exercises with classic fitness principles.


Focusing on strength, balance and flexibility in the aging adult.

hiit conditioning

High Intensity Interval Training performed in a circuit formatted class.


High Intensity intervals using Core Conditioning Cardio and Core Conditioning Strength!  It’s all about the CORE!


Hip Hop, Latin, Urban beats and more!  Try this easy to follow, heart pumping dance workout and forget you are exercising!

JAM & PUMP 30/30

30 minutes choreographed dance followed by 30 minutes strength & stretch.


30 minutes rhythmic kickboxing followed by 30 minutes of muscle pumping action!


There are NO LIMITS to what the human body can do! This high intensity interval training class will push you to your personal limits.  


Spend one hour working on flexibility training for the entire body.

pedal & punch

30 minutes of spin followed by 30 minutes of kickboxing paddle drills!


This interval training program offers work cycles and strength cycles giving the participant a fun and valuable workout generating sweat and increasing muscular strength.

POWER YAs - yoga & spin

Half Invigorating yoga/Half high-intensity Spin... See schedule for 30/30 and 45/45 minute class times.


Pump up muscular strength and endurance using a variety of weights and props. No two workouts are the same!

rotate & rejuvenate

Work on Core Rotation, joint mobility and flexibility. Learn to use trigger point and foam rolling techniques.


Music is key to these guided indoor cycling classes. Guaranteed a sweat!


HQ Fitness Class Etiquette

•Arrive on time. If you must enter a classroom late, please enter quietly and set up near the rear of the room.

•Please do not enter the room to set up for a class before the prior class has ended. Spin bikes cannot be set up more than 15 minutes prior to class start and become immediately available to any participant who is on time when class begins.

•Do not bring open containers into the studios. Enjoy your coffee, tea or smoothie in the lobby before or after class and always keep your water in a closed container.

•Perspire perspire perspire to your heart’s desire, but remember to wipe your sweat! Please use the clean rags and antibacterial cleaner provided in the classrooms to sanitize your equipment after use - including yoga mats.

•Please return all of your equipment neatly to its proper closet or container.

•We ask that you give the instructor your full attention. Limit personal conversations. Cell phone use during class time is prohibited.