Hollie Schmidt


Fitness Instructor

Hollie began teaching fitness classes when she was a junior in High School and hasn’t stopped since! She got hooked on teaching and went on in college to become a fitness competitor. She and a male partner participated in the Crystal Light and Reebok Aerobics Dance Championship Circuit as well as entering solo divisions where she was named first runner up in “Sacramento’s  Most Physically Fit Female.” She also formed various Cardio Funk performance teams with her students both in Sacramento as well as in Napa at HealthQuest when she started in August of 1992. 

Hollie has a Bachelors of Science and California Teaching Credential in Health Science and Dance. She is an ACE certified instructor and also holds several dance and coaching certifications with the National Dance Alliance. Hollie was named one of the top Dance Directors in the country by “Dance Spirit” magazine.  She is also the Napa High School Dance Department and Spirit Leader Team Director where her teams have won a record breaking 37 National and International Dance Championships.

Besides bringing Cardio Funk to Healthquest back in the 90’s Hollie also specialized in step classes; even hip hop step from time to time. Hollie was the first instructor in the Napa Valley to start teaching Barre classes and came up with the Extreme Barre format. It was an easy fit with her professional dance background. She also was the inventor of Fitness 5 now called Power Circuit, and when her schedule allows she also loves teaching Jam and Pump and regular Pump classes.