Stephanie Skille


Yoga instructor

Over 20 years ago, Stephanie took her first yoga class. After being shamed by the “teacher” for not knowing what to do, she crawled out of the room as soon as she had the chance. She still didn’t know what yoga was but she knew it wasn’t for her. Fast forward a few years… Stephanie became a young and sleep deprived mother who suffered from PMDD and tension headaches due to kyphosis. A friend of her’s offered to take her to a yoga class, stating it would change her life. She first laughed but then, the thought of having 90 min to herself lured her in. This class created a paradigm shift in all levels of her being.

She received a 200 RYT certification through the lineage of the SIvananda Vedanta Center in Grass Valley, CA.

She is also trained in Yoga of the Heart (Yoga for Heart disease, Cancer and other life threatening diseases) as well as Thai yoga massage. Stephanie continues her yoga education through workshops, seminars and by being mindful of the lessons of everyday life.

Stephanie will invite you to open your heart and experience who you truly are; maybe a mess and maybe perfect at the same time. She will encourage you to accept the good, the fear and the challenges fo life with kindness and a sense of humor. She is a fervent believer in the power of relaxation and with her French accent she will make you "melt like butter on a sunny window sill”… (mhelt like bahter on a sonny windoe seel)