tony giovannoni



I’m just a guy who wanted a career where I could wear shorts to work every day…so far it’s working out OK.  I spend my free time gardening, foraging for wild mushrooms, and coaching track and field.  I enjoy long hikes, short naps, and anything that’s been deep fried.  I believe in being the pig, not the chicken.  I don’t believe in acting my age.  If you write “to” instead of “too” we can’t be friends.  I salute the brave man who ate the first oyster  Don’t waste my time with small-talk…make it medium talk or better.  My super-power is forgetting names and faces…let me apologize for that now.

Tony Giovannoni is our BIG CHEESE/FEARLESS LEADER.  Although not into small talk, this quiet force makes all the final decisions and you know before he speaks that each word has been ruminated over and the result will most always “be right”.  His keen eye for design and ability to draw brought the recent 13,000 square ft remodel/ addition to fruition.  Sometimes we thought it would never happen, but we got on our knees, prayed, saluted the sun, and sent positive energy and in the end, we were provided the nicest gym work environment imaginable.   

We also want to share some pretty noteworthy things about Mr. Giovannoni.  It has been our experience that he chooses a goal, obsesses over it and once he’s mastered it, on he goes to a new goal.  Who can fault this kind of drive?  We’ve lived through the golfing stage, where he took “the girls” aka “clubs” everywhere and turned his golf skills into a science.  He then became the ultimate fisherman, purchasing his own boat and delving into the technology so deep that he was a lead player on an advice forum.  We were bummed when he reached this goal because the fresh salmon and crab gifts became a thing of the happy past.  Of course his green thumb and amazing ability to produce fresh veggies brings another variety of prize to our tables.  One day Tony, who hadn’t worked out in years (yes the genetics are that good) decided to run a marathon.  I guess he thought it was really no big deal and wanted to see what all the fuss was about so he took off from his home and ran the marathon distance. We heard he bonked and stumbled in to someone’s yard to drink water from a hose, but somehow made it back home.  That seemed to spark his running in which he brags that he hasn’t missed a run in over 7 years.  Somewhere in his coaching track he decided to compete in Master Track and of course he took National Champ in the Heptathlon 50 year group.  The newest ventures include hunting wild mushrooms, a tribute to his Dad and planning death marches for his family.   Some of these hikes currently can be seen on the walls down the hall by our energy studio.  This is a place he wanted to feature local artists, but of course, his passion for photography, his writing skills and his inner drive to do his best have made this the Tony Giovannoni art exhibit. We love it.

We are proud of our leader and give him thanks for support and kudos for all of his achievements (we are sure we have missed a few)!                                                                                                                                                                            

~ The HealthQuest Team